Do you have questions? (FAQ's)

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Is the indicated price per piece?
Yes, if there is no other information in the article-title, the price is per piece.

Is there a minimum order quantity? What do the packing units?
No, there is no minimum order quantity. Please note, however, that the full costs are also charged for small orders.

Cannot enter a quantity in the basket, why?
If you want to order a product, but can not enter a quantity and the icon with the basket does not appear, this means that the article is not available at the moment and therefore can not be ordered. In an urgent case inquire by e-mail or by phone when the item is available again.

What are the payment options?
Business orders are made against invoice (due date within 30 days). The invoice will be sent separately. Orders of employees, partners or representatives have to be made by credit card.

How long does the delivery takes?
In general, the delivery times are according to the terms and conditions.

Shipping costs / shipping
The shipping, packaging and administration costs are EUR 25.00 per package.

All cost are excl. VAT.

Any costs for customs and VAT are charged separately.